3 Year Warranty

On the ice bag itself.

Same Day Dispatch

Orders by 1pm

National Flat Rate

Based on Package size and dependant on qty ordered.

Treats all Soft tissue injuries

Extension strap included

9 Inch Ice N Easy: $39.00                                   11 Inch Ice N Easy: $42.00

Ice N Easy is a trusted reusable ice bag and compression strap designed to assist with cold therapy in conjunction with RICER Principal. (Rest | Ice | Compression | Elevation).

The Ice N Easy is an efficient, convenient and effective solution for treating soft tissue injuries such as inflammation, muscle recovery, joint sprains, muscle strains, bruising, muscle soreness and tendinoptahy.

9 Inch Ice N Easy provides a thorough icing solution for ages 8+, allowing a versatile and universal product that will suit the whole family.

11 Inch Ice N Easy was engineered to focus on larger joint such as shoulder, hip and back as well as providing thorough icing for post surgery.

To use, place crushed ice or ice cubes into the top of the ice bag once the convenient screw cap lid has been removed. Squeeze the bag to ensure the air has been removed from the bag and replace the lid. Place the ice bag through the compression strap hole and affix to the injury. If the injury is to a hard to reach area such as a shoulder, hip or back, the extension strap is applied.


Ice N Easy’s packaging is sleek and designed with the sportsperson in mind. This reusable tube is the perfect way to store the product after use. Safe from the the elements inside the sports bag, Ice N Easy’s packaging ensures the correct protection for longevity of the product.

Ice N Easy prides itself on ensuring the best possible quality products are used  by providing a 3 year warranty on the ice bag to ensure our product matches your performance

The team are working relentlessly to always improving the product and increasing the current 6-10 year lifespan

Ice N Easy are cold therapy specialists with their sole focus on the Ice N Easy and its two sizes. There are no other products to take away our focus from you and your goals with a dedicated team to answer your questions, assist with everyday questions and demonstrate the product should you need it.

Its the coffee keep cups of the icing industry. By using the Ice N Easy, you are consciously ensuring the decreased use of one use plastic bags. With the current life span of the Ice N Easy (6 – 10 years), do your bit to assist the environment.



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