Laura Langman is a New Zealand national treasure for her efforts on and off the court. Laura has represented her country in the last 4 World Championships, culminating  into the award winning captain in the last championships in 2019. 

Laura’s leadership is inspiring for all sportspeople of every age. Her mentality towards the team and leading by example in the gym, on the court and in the community are second to none. Laura’s captaincy and character was encapsulated in her 2019 Suncorp Super Netball Finals as the losing captain. Her pose and grace is something that many strive for and is the type of character Ice N Easy enjoys assisting in their pursuit to stay at the top of their game. 

” The Ice N Easy comes to every game with me just to maintain my soreness after games. I have found it fantastic for tournaments or round robin events, its the first thing I reach for off the court” 

Laura Langman

Gema Simon

Gema Simon epitomises hard work, dedication and passion. It’s these qualities that have led her to realising her dream, transitioning from a 5 year old soccer player to representing her country.  Although not always smooth sailing, Gema’s story is one with struggles and triumphs over injury to get to where she is now. 

Currently at the top of her game captaining her side in the W League, Gema spends most nights with the Ice N Easy ensuring she is ready to go again the next day. With a  busy schedule of representing Australia, Captaining in the W League, Gema also juggles her full time job as a primary school teacher. 

Gema’s qualities represent those of Ice N Easy, with quality at the forefront of performance and dedication to the craft. Ice N Easy are thrilled to have Gema on board as an Ambassador. 

” I’d would be lost without my Ice N Easy. I’ve used the Ice N Easy for the last 10 years of my career and now holds an important place in my kit bag for recovery. It has been a big factor in reducing the aches and pains.”